Prismatic Tessellation

Electric Blue – Hendrik van Leeuwen
The abstract Electric Blue piece by notable artist and writer Hendrik van Leeuwen is a composition of regular shapes and colours developing further shapes, dynamic forms and depths. 
Overlapping squares with gentle textures merging and flowing into each other result in the observer continually exploring the composition of competing foreground and background depths. The strong lines of the regular squares overlapping in an organic yet structured way births wild organic forms competing with the parent squares for dominance. This prismatic tessellation creates a dynamism in the artwork, keeping the eye exploring the ever changing depths and shapes of the work.

Vibrant textured blues and opposing pinks are observed, populating negative spaces and merged with flowing brush strokes intertwining with angled blue geometries with playful and warm pinks.

Oliver Dyson, marine biologist. August 27, 2021