Painting class

The course consists of 4 blocks of 9 weeks each. The costs are 270 euros per block, including all materials. If you subscribe, it will be for the whole year (4 blocks). A new student starts off with four trial lessons for 100 euros in total. A single lessons costs 40,-. If you miss a lesson because of a vacation, there are possibilities to catch up at another moment.

Schedule: monday evening  8pm – 10:30pm. Tuesday morning 10am – 12:30am.

This year (2018/2019) the lessons start on the 24th and 25th of September. The program will be spun around American painters, like Wayne Thiebaud. His works can currently be seen in museum Voorlinden, and we will kick-off the season with a (voluntary) visit to the museum on the 23st of September, gathering there around 11am.